Rapoo releases two new portable speakers

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Rapoo, the leading manufacturer of wireless peripheral products, has released its two portable speakers, which are A500 and A300. Both wireless speakers are compact in size but not in sound, boasting high quality music in a small frame ideal for taking tunes with the users on-the-go.

Rapoo two new portable speakers
~ Rapoo two new portable speakers ~

The A500 and A300 speakers both heave Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities, which simplify the pairing process. The speakers are enabled with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology that offering reliable audio transmission and boasting incredible sound.

The speakers come with 360 degrees coverage and a range of up to 32 feet. The A500 features a trendy and sleek spherical shape and it also boasts Multipoint Connection Technology, which allows several users to sync their devices with the speaker, and dual mode that allows users to use it in both wired and wireless modes.

The A300 will look small, but it is created with Radiation Airflow Invert Technology, which uses the backward pressure energy of the active speaker and runs it through the passive speakers to create a clear and powerful sound. The speaker’s integrated Li-ion battery allows users to stream music for up to 12 hours.

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