Panasonic introduces Platinum Power batteries

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Panasonic Energy Corp. has recently introduced its AA and AAA Platinum Power batteries, alkaline battery cells that can protect power for up to ten years. These batteries also feature the enhanced storage capabilities and safe, stable power supply.

Panasonic new Platinum Power batteries
~ Panasonic new Platinum Power batteries ~

They are designed for high drain devices with greater power consumption such like the radio controlled toys and game controllers. They can also be used in everyday medium and low drain devices including the flash-lights, remote controls and many other products.

Panasonic Platinum Power batteries also deliver outstanding shelf life, excellent and long lasting batteries for the users to confidence and use it. They have new electrolyte and alloy components combined with new production techniques to provide increased levels of leak protection.

Besides these, they are using proprietary polarity technology helps the battery cells to reduce bursting or other malfunctions if the battery cells are installed incorrectly. The four pack AA size batteries will have a suggested retail price of $3.99 and will be available from retail and online store nationwide.

Information via panasonic.


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