Optishot Golf releases Optishot2 Golf simulator

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Optishot Golf releases Optishot2, which is a compact, briefcase size golf simulator. Optishot2 features advanced accuracy, legendary courses and Optishot Live, the new online and social way to play better golf. This award-winning golf simulator uses the latest in analytics and shot tracer technology with an easy to use interface to create the ultimate real-world golf experience.

Optishot Golf new Optishot2 Golf simulator
~ Optishot Golf new Optishot2 Golf simulator ~

Optishot2 is compact in size and affordable cost. It requires no elaborate setup, works with every club in the bag and is compatible with Mac and Windows. With the new OptiShot Live features, users can play 18 holes on the world’s most famous courses with friends, family and competitors all over the world without ever leaving the comfort of their home or office.

Optishot2 allows users to consistent play and practise to make it essential for improvement. The convenience and ease of Optishot2 makes it the perfect golf simulator for any player to play better. Optishot2 players are not hampered by weather, money or time constraints. Practice or play is now available 24/7/365 and with Optishot Live, a fill round of golf against other players is there at any time.

It is equipped with sixteen precisely-tuned, high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors, each is calibrated to track the favorite clubs, before, during and after contact. Optishot2 technology and PinPoint accuracy system gives the user precise and instantaneous feedback on every shot. Optishot2 users can play or practise on To-the-tee replicas of world-famous courses all from the Optishot Golf courses library. Optishot2 Golf Simulator is available for $499.95.

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