Nvidia Expands Shield Line with Shield Tablet & Controller

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Nvidia is now expanding its Shield Line with the new Shield Tablet and Shield wireless controller for the gamers. The Shield Tablet is an 8-inch Android tablet that comes with a conventional form factor than the original Shield.

Nvidia Expands Shield Line with Shield Tablet & Controller
~ Nvidia Expands Shield Line with Shield Tablet & Controller ~

The tablet boasts a Tegra K1 processor, Nvidia’s newest mobile chipset and significantly faster than Tegra 4 in the Shield portable device. It is a heavily gamer-focused tablet with Nvidia’s TegraZone interface and access to both Android titles and games streamed from a PC with Game Stream or over Nvidia’s Grid cloud gaming service beta.

It features an HDMI output and offers the same Console mode as the Shield Portable that outputs video in 1080p as well as an HDTV-friendly interface. The tablet also supports Twitch video streaming and Nvidia Shadowplay game capture, letting players record what they play. It has front-facing 5MP camera; incorporated Nvidia’s DirectStylus 2 technology.

Nvidia also announced the Shield Wireless Controller, which is a gamepad designed for use with Shield Tablet. It is a Wi-Fi based controller similar to the Shield Portable’s controls and features a headphone jack and built-in microphone for use with games, voice chat, media playbank and Google voice commands.

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