Nanoleaf Bloom creative bulb

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Nanoleaf Bloom is a creative bulb and it dimmable in regular on/ off light fixture/ lamps. It has adjustable brightness on/ off switch to set the mood and save energy. This new uniquely dimmable bulb will encourage even more people to adopt energy efficient lighting and be able to indulge in living efficiently.

Nanoleaf Bloom creative bulb
~ Nanoleaf Bloom creative bulb ~

Nanoleaf Bloom can transform any regular on/ off switch into a dimmer switch using the bulb’s custom built-in microprocessor. The more dim, the more energy to save and at 50% brightness, Nanoleaf Bloom only uses 2.6 watts of power consumption.

It is no flickering, just simple smooth dimming that protects eyes for long terms. Nanoleaf Bloom can achieve a maximum brightness of 1200 lumes with only 10 watts of electricity, without external heat sink necessary due to high energy efficiency and negligible heat loss.

Nanoleaf Bloom supports up to 30,000 hours of lifetime and equivalent of almost 27 years (3 hours daily). It has 33 custom LEDs provide direct, omni-directional light; printed circuit board body; proprietary NL Bloom Controller chip; 90% efficient custom power supply.

Information via kickstarter.


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