Mass Fidelity introduces The Core

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Mass Fidelity, the Canadian technology company that designs and empower the ways in which listeners want to access and play music, has introduced The Core. It is the a beautiful, compact wireless speaker that combines “better than stereo” sound with an impressive feature set including portability, multi-room functionality and crystal-clear audio.

Mass Fidelity - The Core
~ Mass Fidelity – The Core ~

The Core uses a number of innovative acoustic technologies to create a stunning sound that mimics the experience of two separated Hi-Fi speakers. The truly revolutionary is the use of innovative Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) technology, which is an entirely new way of rendering audio where a sound image is produced by recreating that sound in space, just like a hologram.

The astonishing sound image can be viewed from anywhere in the room, it is purer and sounds better that traditional stereo because it does not rely on the listener’s position or on tricking the brain with psycho-acoustics. The Wave Field Synthesis causes sound to emanate from virtual starting points and continue to move along pathways.

The Core also uses Absolutely Bass Technology, which is a combination of electronics, software and mechanical engineering working in unison to produce low frequency performance unmatched for its size. The Core will output frequencies down to 44 Hz at normal listening volumes.

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