Lupo multi-use Bluetooth sensor

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Lupo is a versatile item finder that provides security solutions and Bluetooth remote controller for smartphones and other devices. The Lupo app can be used to set alerts to the users when a tagged object goes out of the user-set range.

Lupo multi-use Bluetooth sensor
~ Lupo multi-use Bluetooth sensor ~

It will send audio alarms or messages when the object is left behind or moved by another person. Also, it features automatically lock computer when the user move away from it. The lost item can also be tracked by the app which records the last known position of the object gone and display it on the map.

It can use a crowd-sourced approach to do the search with the help of other Lupos. The device can be used as a remote control for presentation or triggering the phone’s camera. With its smart power management module, it can have a long battery life for about a year.

The unit itself is designed to resist the wear and tear of daily life as well as a 3 to 4 foot drop onto the floor. A bit of water splashed on it will not do any harm to it. Lupo uses Bluetooth 4.0 wireless standard and work with smartphones, tablets and desktop apps. It is also compatible with iOS and Android too.

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