Kinsa, the world’s smartest thermometer

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Kinsa is the World’s smartest Thermometer and it is the first ever FDA cleared Thermometer for mobile devices that can be purchased at Apple store, CVS and Amazon. Kinsa is also the award winning smartphone-connected thermometer available for $29.99.

Kinsa, the world's smartest thermometer
~ Kinsa, the world’s smartest thermometer ~

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is as easy to use as plugging in a pair of headphones and brings innovation to one of the world’s most common medical devices. It was designed with parents and children in mind and leverage smartphones to make temperature taking a more engaging, informative and useful process.

The thermometer connects to a mobile device via the headphone jack and uses the display, power and processing of the smartphone to determine a precise temperature reading in less than 10 seconds. Kinsa also uses the smartphone’s display screen to provide fun, animated visuals throughout a temperature reading, calming, distracting and engaging children during the process while alerting parent if the thermometer slips out of place.

Through the free Kinsa app, people can create individual profiles for each member of the family and with a few taps, track fever, symptom and illness history. Parents can report the progression of illness to pediatricians, keep track of medication dosages and timing and even photography any physical symptoms as part of an entry.

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