iLuv introduces the Selfy ecosystem

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Selfy is a complete ecosystem of products that gives the users exciting ways to take great photos and videos with their mobile devices. The slot at the back of the selfy cases allows users to switch between the shutter and a range of convenient accessories, so they are always ready to capture the moment.

iLuv new Selfy ecosystem
~ iLuv new Selfy ecosystem ~

Selfy products are compatible with iPhone 5/ 5s, Galaxy S5, iPad Mini, iPad Air. There is a LED on selfy and it can be used to indicate the device is on when it blink every four seconds.

Selfy can only be paired to one device at a time. If pair to another device, users should cancel the initial pairing by going to Bluetooth menu, pressing the “i” next to iLuv Selfy and clicking “Forget this Device”.

Selfy will go into standby mode if there is no activity for one minute. To wake it up and resume use, users can just press button once. The link between selfy and the device will be re-established within three seconds.

Information via iluv.


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