Grace Digital 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver

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Grace Digital Inc., the well-known brand of wireless internet radios, has recently unveiled the 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver with the unique capability to connect up to three phones to the stereo. Users can share music without having to worry about disconnecting and reconnecting mobile devices.

Grace Digital 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver
~ Grace Digital 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver ~

It is versatility that users can connect their 3-Play to their car stereo for mobile, on-the-go use and making it as a premium companion for road trips. It is easy to use by just hit play on any of the three Bluetooth enabled devices and the playlist takes over the party immediately.

This portable 3-Play audio receiver features expanded memory that capable to store up to seven devices and plays over 10 hours of music with a built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. It has the flexibility to be connected into any audio input using the standard RCA or 3.5mm jack.

The 3-Play audio receiver allows users to have more options for their tunes by collaborating with three Bluetooth enabled devices. It keeps the music going seamlessly or it can shift the music mood with a simple click. The 3-Play audio receiver is available now for $99.99.

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