FrootVPN surfs anonymously on the Internet

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FrootVPN is the Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows users to surf anonymously on the Internet and help them to fight the Internet surveillance. The purpose of this application software is to let the users be safe online and avoid getting their password and other sensitive information intercepted by someone if connecting to FrootVPN.

FrootVPN surfs anonymously on the Internet
~ FrootVPN surfs anonymously on the Internet ~

It offers surf anonymously by hide the IP address and makes it harder for third parties to know who the users are on the Internet. Not even the FrootVPN will know what the IP address that users are using to surf. There are no log files created or recorded, so users can surf the Internet privately without worry about the privacy being revealed. They details information will also never be shared with any third party people.

Users can also hide their identity online and surf anonymously when using the FrootVPN service, so they will be protected behind an encrypted tunnel and no traces can lead back to them. Users can also unblock most services like Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, Facebook and many more by using the FrootVPN to switch different location to bypass any restriction.

When connected to the FrootVPN, the IPS will only see encrypted traffic passing to the VPN servers, but they cannot decipher the data or know the websites that users have been visited. The network is highly secured with SSL and all servers are connected to multiple 10 Gbps backbone, so there will be unlimited bandwidth for the users too.

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