Dormi baby monitor for Android

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Dormi is the baby monitor app that specially developed for Android smartphones and tablets. It features of a hardware baby monitor and some surprising extras. Dormi can use any available route to connect parent and child unit and it can work even when Internet is not available too.

Users do not need to configure microphone sensitivity as Dormi will adjust to noise levels automatically. When leave the device several meters away from the sleeping baby and it still be able to detect when baby cries and amplify the sound for the parent device.

Dormi baby monitor for Android
~ Dormi baby monitor for Android ~

Parents can press and hold the Listen button to hear sound from the child device even while the baby is not crying. The Speak button allows users to talk back to calm the baby while they are on their way.

With Dormi, users can always know what is going on to their baby. All important information about the child device is always available while monitoring. If the connection with the child device is lost, the parent device will notify the users.

Beside these, the Dormi will even notify the users about missed calls and new text messages received on the child device, so users will not miss anything important while not having direct access to the device.

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