Cyborg Unplug defenses wireless surveillance

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Cyborg Unplug can detect and stop surveillance devices from wireless networks, breaking uploads and streams. It is also the anti-wireless surveillance system for the home and workplace. It detects and prevent selected devices known to pose a risk to personal privacy from the wireless network, breaking uploads and streams.

Cyborg Unplug defenses wireless surveillance
~ Cyborg Unplug defenses wireless surveillance ~

Cyborg Unplug is designed for those who concerned about privacy and it is convenient, easy to use by simply plug in the Cyborg Unplug then connect it to the laptop or smartphone. In just a few screen select which classes of device that users like to block and the networks they would like to protect.

Cyborg Unplug can detect latest threats by plugin it into the router, each night it will anonymously and securely check for updated lists of wireless surveillance devices as they enter the market. The detected wireless devices currently include the wearable spy camera and microphones, Google Glass and Dropcam.

The premiere model of the Cyborg Unplug is the Little Snipper, capable of detecting and disconnecting most Wi-Fi surveillance and surveillance-capable devices in the environment. Little Snipper ships with a custom designed box with an illustrated booklet and two stickers, one to customize and the other to disguise.

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