Braven BRV-Bank rugged portable backup battery

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Braven, the innovator of the Bluetooth audio products, has announced the availability of the BRV-Bank, which is the World’s smartest and first Bluetooth Smart-enabled, rugged portable backup battery with 6,000mAh of power.

Braven BRV-Bank rugged portable backup battery
~ Braven BRV-Bank rugged portable backup battery ~

It is also the IPX5 water-resistant and shockproof BRV-bank transforms into the ultimate outdoor companion through its downloadable app and rugged USB flash-light and also quickly charges for the tablets, smartphones, GPS, GoPro cameras with the USB outputs and combined output of 3.4A.

It can be remotely controlled through its Remote Battery Monitor app, which lets the users to locate the battery bank, monitor its power levels, individually turn on and turn off each port to conserve power, and activate its two additional features, which are Bear Mode and S.O.S.

The Bear Mode activates the smartphone’s motion sensor, sending signals to the bank to sound an alarm and activate the connected USB flash-light when the phone is moved. Turning on the S.O.S mode activates the universal distress signal by sending a visual Morse code for help using the connected USB flash-light.

The BRV-Bank comes with a variety of accessories, including the reinforced lanyard for hanging and easy carrying, a rugged microUSB cable for worry-free charging under the harshest conditions. The BRV-Bank is now available for $129.99.

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