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  BlackBerry Passport redefines productivity for mobile users

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 | In Electronic Gadgets | Tags: ,

BlackBerry, the global leader in mobile communications, has launched the BlackBerry Passport with boundary-breaking design and features. It is simple yet challenging idea to set aside the limitations of traditional design and to instead simply build a device that fundamentally changes the way business professionals get work done on their smartphone.

BlackBerry Passport redefines productivity
~ BlackBerry Passport redefines productivity ~

It is featuring a large square touch-screen and new QWERTY touch-enabled keyboard, the BlackBerry Passport is s device purpose-built for productivity-driven business professionals who want a smartphone that empowers them with the mobile tools that need to get things done with style and portability.
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  Kinivo introduces WID320 and WID340 Wireless USB Adapters

Monday, September 29th, 2014 | In Electronic Gadgets | Tags: ,

Kinovo, the company that offers a diverse range of gadgets, has introduced their second-generation Wireless Enhanced USB Adapters, which are the WID320 and WID340 all-in-one solutions for enhancing exiting Wi-Fi capabilities.

Kinivo new WID320 and WID340 Wireless USB Adapters
~ Kinivo new WID320 and WID340 Wireless USB Adapters ~

The WID340 has dual-band capabilities allowing users to connect to 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks and support the speeds up to 300 Mbps whereas the WID320 only can connect to 2.4GHz network. It is the ideal gadget for the students connecting to Wi-Fi on campus, business travelers scrambling to find reliable Internet access.
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  Amazon introduces Two All-New Kindles

Sunday, September 28th, 2014 | In Electronic Gadgets | Tags: ,

Amazon has introduced its seventh generation of Kindle, which are Kindle Voyage ($199) – the most advanced e-reader ever; and the Kindle ($79) – with a 20% faster processor, twice the storage and now with a touch interface.

Amazon Two All-New Kindles
~ Amazon Two All-New Kindles ~

Kindle Voyage comes with the thinnest design, highest resolution and highest contrast display, re-imagined page turns and all of the features that readers love about Kindle. It turns books in seconds, no eyestrain or glare, readability in bright sunlight and battery life measured in weeks. It is crafted from the group up for readers.
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  Sony develops transparent lens eyewear

Saturday, September 27th, 2014 | In Electronic Gadgets | Tags: ,

Sony Corporation has announced the development of the SmartEyeglass, which is the transparent lens eyewear that connects with compatible smartphones to superimpose information such as text, symbols and images onto the user’s field of view.

Sony new transparent lens eyewear
~ Sony new transparent lens eyewear ~

SmartEyeglass is equipped with a diverse range of sensing technologies, including a CMOS image sensor, accelerometer, Gyroscope, electronic compass, brightness sensor and microphone. It utilizes these features together with GPS location information from the connected smartphone to provide information optimized to the user’s current circumstances.
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