Zensorium new Tinke device

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Zensorium, the product-based firm that deliver easy-to-use sensing products and solutions, has released its new Tinke with lighting connector to iOS device for users to monitor their fitness and wellness.

Zensorium new Tinke device
~ Zensorium new Tinke device ~

It uses optical sensing technologies to capture blood volume changes and quantifies the fitness and relaxation levels into indexes for easy comparison. There are two types of indexes, which are Vita Index and Zen Index.

Vita Index is a fitness score that is created by piecing together data collected from heart rate, blood oxygen level and respiratory rate. The Zen Index is a quantified score for the state of relaxation that uses heart rate variability as a basis.

Both Vita and Zen Indexes serve as a form of knowledge and encouragement for users to maintain or improve their quality of life. It is the ideal solutions for users to keep fit and well start from within and monitoring their weight alone with the good indicator such as Tinke. Zensorium Tinke with lighting connector is scheduled to be available in October 2013.

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