Vulnerable to food-borne toxins

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Vulnerable to food-borne toxins
~ Vulnerable to food-borne toxins ~

Scientists recommend that parents stock their fridges with organic foods, cut out potato chips and reduce the consumption of meat and animal fats. This recommendation comes after they found that preschool-aged children in the US are particularly vulnerable to food-borne toxins which have been linked to cancer.

Those are among some of the suggestion in a new study out of the University of California which found that preschool-aged children were at high risk for exposure to compounds like arsenic, dieldrin, DDE (a DDT metabolite), dioxins and acrymalide.

These have all been linked to cancer, developmental disabilities, birth defects and other conditions. Children that early exposure can have long-term effects on disease outcomes, the results of this study demonstrate a need to prevent exposure to multiple toxins in young children to lower their cancer risk.

Pesticide exposure was also particular high and came primarily from foods such as tomatoes, peaches, apples, peppers, grapes, lettuce, broccoli, strawberries, spinach, dairy, pears, green beans and celery.

Researchers also suggest that parents vary their children’s diet to help reduce exposure. Because different foods are treated differently at the source, dietary variation can help protect us from accumulating too much of any one toxin.

Meanwhile, an American study also concluded that organic fruits and vegetables were no more nutritious than their conventional counterparts, which tend to be far less expensive. Nor were they any less likely to be contaminated by dangerous bacteria like E.coli.

The study by Stanford University researchers also found no obvious health advantages to organic meats. Conventional fruits and vegetables did have more pesticide residue, but the levels were almost always under the allowed safety limits, the scientists said in their paper, which appeared in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Information via AFP-Relaxnews.


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