TellSpec provides more information of food

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The TellSpec is the small device that capable to give the users all the details about the foods they are consuming every day. TellSpec brings together the laser spectroscopy, nanophotonics and a unique mathematical algorithm to analyze the chemical composition of any food in less than 20 seconds.

TellSpec provides more information of food
~ TellSpec provides more information of food ~

The TellSpec handheld device beams a low-powered laser at the food that users wish to analyze, measures the reflected light with a spectrometer and sends the data via the smartphone, computer or tablet to the TellSpec’s servers in the cloud.

Once the data about the food is received on the TellSpec’s server, it will then display on the computer, tablet or smartphone, so users can intelligently decide if they want to buy or eat the food. TellSpec is powered by internal Lithium battery and rechargeable via UB.

It can be connected with its built-in Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology; it is portable with the measures of 8.5cm X 5.5cm X 1.6cm, and about 80 grams in weight. TellSpec is available in 4 color options, which are white, red, green and turquoise blue colors.

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