Sonic Alert announces the availability of Sonic-connect 2

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Sonic Alert, the company that creates reliable signalling products, has recently announced the availability of their new Sonic-connect 2 in US market. The Sonic-connect 2 is a portable USB device that can alert users the most important incoming messages on their computer.

Sonic Alert new Sonic-connect 2
~ Sonic Alert new Sonic-connect 2 ~

It allows users to prioritize the responses and freedom to step away from their computer without worry that missing any important communication. Users can also customize the alert options by including extra-bright white LED lights, loud ringer and vibration when there is incoming news from Skype, Instant messenger or Microsoft Outlook.

It is easy to setup and use, users just need to connect it to the desktop computer or laptop via the USB port then it is ready to operate. All the incoming messages will be viewable in the Sonic Alert Messaging Windows, so users can centralize the communications in on place.

Sonic-connect 2 can keep the user more productive and the on-screen messaging windows streamlines all incoming communication so that all the messages from different sources can be viewed at a glance. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 but not Mac machine. Sonic-connect 2 is now available for $49.95.

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