Sleep training not harmful

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Sleep training not harmful
~ Sleep training not harmful ~

Parent feeling conflicted about how to get their babies to sleep may find some peace of mind in a new Australian study. Researchers found that letting tots cry it out do not harm them emotionally or damage their relationship with their parents. In a study published online in Pediatrics, scientists followed up previous work that found babies and their parents benefited when children were taught to calm themselves through various behavioral techniques.

In the follow-up study, the scientists tracked 225 babies to see if sleep training had any long-lasting effects, damaging or otherwise. In the original study, the researchers found that two popular techniques – controlled comforting and camping out – worked well in helping babies who struggled with sleep while also reducing depression in mums.

Controlled comforting is a technique that involves parents periodically responding to their baby’s cries, while camping out is when parents sit with their child as he or she learns to fall asleep, while slowly inching towards the door as baby drifts off. According to the researchers, the finding did not yield any differences when it came to the children’s emotions, behavior, or stress when they were six years old. Plus researchers did not notice a difference in the parent-child relationship in terms of depression, anxiety or stress among children who were sleep-trained and those who were not.

It does not say that just because your child does not sleep as well as somebody else’s, then you need to do these things. If you have a problem and your react by bringing in one of these sleep programmes and it works, then jolly good – you are not doing any harm in the long term.”

Information via AFP-Relaxnews.


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