SBIG introduces STT-8300M CCD astronomical camera

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SBIG, the company that design and manufacture the best astronomical instrumentation, professional quality equipment, has introduced its latest STT Series of 8300 CCD astronomical camera. This series of cameras represent the culmination of everything that the professional photographers needed in an imaging system.

SBIG STT-8300M CCD astronomical camera
~ SBIG STT-8300M CCD astronomical camera ~

It packed in a 4.9 X 4.9 X 2.9-inch body and comes with standard features including two-stage cooling with a temperature delta greater than -50 Celsius with air only; water cooling ready; USB 2.0 and Ether net on the camera.

The STT-8300M CCD astronomical camera has full frame buffer, supports fast low-noise readout of an 8.3 megapixel CCD in less than one second. It has MAR coated sapphire chamber window; internal user selectable automatic image processing, self-guiding in front of the filters; remote guide head support as well as optional adaptive optics.

The STT-8300 is the first astro-cameras that available with the ability to automatically clean up raw images with user-selectable automatic image processing, so users can select the level of hot pixel removal or even column repair.

The STT-8300 utilizes a modular telephone type 6-pin jack to connect the STT-8300 to the user’s mount when using the camera as an auto-guider. The basic camera has a list price of $3695, while the fully accessories equipped model will cost nearly $7k.

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