Roli first edition Seaboard Grand

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Roli, the design-led technology company start-up based in Dalston, has announced three new Seaboard Grand instruments, which are the flagship 88-key Grand; 61-key Grand Stage; and a 37-key Grand Studio.

Roli new Seaboard Grand
~ Roli new Seaboard Grand ~

The Seaboard Grand is designed to turn a piano keyboard into one continuous touch surface, extending the range beyond the usage of a conventional keyboard. Its keys flex under a player’s touch for pressure sensitive volume; timbre adjustment and dynamic pitch modulation.

The surface of the key-waves is smooth and it is very satisfying and responsive. It provides a natural response to force, which makes it much more intuitive to use than traditional keyboards and users can fell the differences in pressure through the natural response of the material.

There is a touch-sensitive ribbons run along the top and bottom of the interface for precise pitch control, and the rotary SoundDial allows the player to move between the instrument’s default presets. Besides these, the Seaboard Grand software can be used to modify existing presets or create new ones from scratch, then can be uploaded to the SoundDial via USB connection.

Information via weareroli.


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