Ninja Sphere, next generation control of environment

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Ninja Sphere, which is the next generation control of the environment with accurate in-home location data and it comes with a gesture control interface. The Ninja Sphere learns about the users and the environment. It uses data from sensors and actuators to build a model that can inform the users that something is out of place.

Ninja Sphere, next generation control of environment
~ Ninja Sphere, next generation control of environment ~

It can also monitor the energy usage, lighting, temperature, pets’ presence and anything else the users connect to their sphere. By using the data from their devices, environment and location, the sphere is able to advise the users intelligently and give them control only when they need it.

Ninja Sphere is supporting a number of devices and it is developed with open source, so almost anyone can write and share a driver to connect a device to their sphere. This make the Ninja Sphere easy to manages and supports the new devices come onto the market.

Besides these, the Spheramid is the gateway that enables the Ninja Sphere, then the sphere contains one or more Spheramid gateways, location way-points and all the devices. Ninja Sphere has integrated with Trilateration, which is a mechanism whereby the intersection of 3 or more overlapping signals can determine the location of an object.

Information via ninjablocks.


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