Innovative Musical Ruler with Songbook

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Musical Ruler is one of the mathematical tools that can be used to make learning more fun and please yourself when you are boring. The Musical Ruler measures 12.3 X 1.6 X 0.19-inch has been tuned to the key of C, where it comes in a closed hole student model with a guide/ songbook included.

Innovative Musical Ruler with Songbook
~ Innovative Musical Ruler with Songbook ~

The songbook will show the users how to play it and some basic songs. Users can simply place their fingers on the dots and move it so it overhangs a desk or table. Move it to the mark on the ruler corresponding to the note they want and flick.

It just likes any instrument and it is easy to make a noise but it takes practice to make a good music like Beethoven. The Musical Ruler was developed in the UK, so it only measures in centimetres, so it is sufficient for draw line, basic maths usage.

The Musical Ruler is now available for $12.99.

Information via thinkgeek.


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