Martial arts way to relax

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Martial arts way to relax
~ Martial arts way to relax ~

Yoga, qigong and tai chi – these are techniques that can be adopted for relaxation in the office. Enlightenment at lunch and The Eight Minute Energy Shower are just two of the benefits that yoga, tai chi and qigong promise to bring to office workers. At least, that is what many advice books on the topic promise. Some claim that a few minutes of meditation at your desk can banish stress. If only it were that simple: Learning to switch off using techniques from the Far East requires overcoming inhibitions.

Whenever a person wants to relax, he/ she first to embrace a tree, then makes a ball shape and then he folds open a flower. Naturally all of this happens only in his imagination or more accurately in his cosmos. That is where everything revolves around the energy qi.

Ten years ago most business people would have shaken their heads at yoga or qigong. But now they are being accepted more. The techniques can easily be used by employees who do not have what he calls the “joss stick mentality”. Just a few minutes are all you need to do simple qigong exercises like the Round Finger Exercise: one hand forms a “Victory” sign while the thumb and index finger on the other hand shape an “O”. Then switch the shapes between hands as fast as possible. The exercise helps coordination.

Another technique to combat stress is to imagine holding a box and arrow. Shape the thumb and index finger on your left hand into an “L” and clench your right fist. Then pull your arms apart and imagine drawing a bow. However, is skeptical when it comes to such methods. Office workers should not expect too much from five-minute exercises like these.

It is not enough to force them to fit into your day. Exercises like those need space, time and energy. The trend towards office relaxation techniques has a lot to do with fashion. In the past office gymnastic were all the rage, today it is business yoga.

Office gymnastics, of course, does not sound as nice. However, there are several exercises that are common to both. It appears that Business Qigong is working and some people think exercises are a little funny in the beginning. On the contrary: It is important to approach the topic with humor. It helps to relax the atmosphere if someone giggles during an exercise. And laughter is, after all the best medicine.

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