Lyengar yoga for chronic neck pain

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Lyengar yoga for chronic neck pain
~ Lyengar yoga for chronic neck pain ~

A small new German study finds that one particular style of yoga may offer some relief for chronic neck pain suffers. Researchers at Charite-University Medical Centre in Berlin assigned 25 patients suffering from chronic neck pain to a nine-week lyengar yoga training programme, with participants taking a weekly 90-minute class.

Lyengar yoga, developed by B.K.S. lyengar, is a form of hatha yoga that emphasis detail and precision and often relies on the use of props to help students achieve mastery of the postures. For the control group, 28 patients were assigned to exercise classes offering self-care techniques.

At weeks four and 10, subject completed a questionnaire about their symptoms, with findings showing “a significant and clinically important reduction in pain intensity in the yoga group,” the scientists wrote in their study published in The Journal of Pain.

The yoga enhanced both the toning of muscles and the release of muscle tension. The study follow another published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine that found that people who took yoga classes for chronic lower back pain experienced for lifestyle improvements and better overall health than those who sought a doctor’s advice.

Information via AFP-Relaxnews.


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