Logitec announces LAN-RPT01BK Wireless LAN Extender

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Logitech has launched its new LAN-RPT01BK wireless LAN Extender that allows users to extend the radio waves from the wireless router. So, the strong signal can reach every corner of the big house and this is also the ideal solution for users staying in two-story wooden apartments.

Logitec new LAN-RPT01BK Wireless LAN Extender
~ Logitec new LAN-RPT01BK Wireless LAN Extender ~

LAN-RPT01BK wireless LAN Extender measures 26mm X 32mm X 140mm and it is small in size with portability. It adopts a strong antenna that capable to boost the signal 13 times that original strength.

It comes with an AC plug that can be plug directly to a wall power outlet and there is a built-in LEDs to indicate the signal strength and inform users that the radio waves from the wireless router is properly installed.

LAN-RPT01BK wireless LAN Extender allows for a number of connections from short communication distance to be connected to it. It is easy to install and operate, by just simply push the WPS configuration button if the wireless router support for the WPS.

Information via logitec.


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