LG and Ubitus announces Cloud Gaming Solutions

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LG Electronics and Ubitus Inc., the technology leader in cloud gaming solutions have announced their cloud gaming service will be available in the latest lineup of LG smart televisions.

LG and Ubitus announces Cloud Gaming Solutions
~ LG and Ubitus announces Cloud Gaming Solutions ~

The GameNow service can turn LG smart television into a powerful game console; enhance the video gaming experience that never had before. For the customer who buys a new LG smart television model in the United States can right away enjoy rich library of AAA and massively multi-player online games.

It is without the hassle of loading discs, time-consuming downloads and long installation times, so users can play the high-quality video games on demand, including the blockbuster titles such as Street Fighter X Tekken and Batman: Arkham City without require high-end hardware.

The combination of the GameNow gaming technology by Ubitus and the latest smart television from LG make it possible for the gamers to play the high-end games directly and instantly on the LG smart television. It is simple by select, click and ready to play as it is just like the way they have been enjoying video-on-demand services.

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