Keep contact lenses clean

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Keep contact lenses clean
~ Keep contact lenses clean ~

Contact lenses should always be rubbed clean with the finger after usage. Just rinsing with a care product is not enough to clean them. After being worn, a biofilm forms on the lenses which can only be removed by scrubbing.

That will get rid of about 99% of germs. When rubbing, you apply the care product onto the lens with clean hands and rub it carefully with one finger in the palm of your hand or between two fingers. After that, the lenses should be rinsed and put into the storage container with new liquid.

The lenses are better off not being rinsed with tap water, recommends Boehme. There are often spores in the water that can lead to uncomfortable infections if they get into the eye. It is better to rinse with sterile cooking salt or fresh rinsing solution.

The contact lenses can also be disinfected thoroughly with a two-component solution with hydrogen peroxide. But many users do not use this in addition to the usual all-in-one cleaning and disinfectant fluid.

Information via DPA.


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