How to find out whether a company supports multiculturalism

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How to find out whether a company supports multiculturalism
~ How to find out whether a company supports multiculturalism ~

Look at the composition of the executive team
Research information from the corporate website. An executive team which is heterogeneous may indicate a company culture that is supportive of diversity.

Find out about diversity initiatives
These may include internal mentoring programmes or affinity groups. They also may show up as sponsoring or other linkages with diverse community organizations or professional groups. Look for diversity initiatives that are more than “meet, greet and eat” and are actually connected to the business.

Talk to your connections
Use Linkeln, Google+ and Facebook to locate staff who may be willing to share details of the company culture, promotion practices and workforce diversity. This can be a great way to obtain information, but caution is advised as to not make decisions based on the views of one employee.

Check “best of” lists
Check regional business weeklies, magazines, websites or professional associations for best workplace awards or lists that can reveal valuable information. Make sure they are more than a “lip service” article catering for advertisers, though. Even if the company that has just arranged your interview does not make any of the lists, you will find out if its competitors are there – and learn some best practices.

Unearth hires and hiring trends
Sometimes new employees are profiled in company newsletters (available online). Top people may merit media releases. Look at Linkedln and other resources to see who has been hired in the last few years to learn and understand the placements of corporate recruiters.

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