Breathometer transforms smartphone into breathalyzer

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Breathometer can transform the smartphone into a breathalyzer in seconds to help the users to monitor they alcohol consumption then give them the power to make smarter decisions when drinking. It is small in size, so can be fit easily in a purse, pocket or on the key-ring, so users can always carry it wherever they go.

Breathometer transforms smartphone into breathalyzer
~ Breathometer transforms smartphone into breathalyzer ~

It has combined a sleek and portable device that connects to the smartphone and an easy-to-use app for estimate the blood alcohol level. It works by simply plug the device into the headphone jack of the smartphone, launches the app and without mouthpiece needed.

It is a FDA-registered device which boasts accuracy that compares favorably to other high-end breathalyzers. Breathometer also provides guidance on how long it will be before the users are most likely “back to zero” blood alcohol level, so users can have best judgement before driving.

It has a button that calls a cab service for quick and easy access on the local area near to the users. Besides these, the breathometer is designed so users can share it with their friends without any accessories or tubes needed for safe, sterile, accurate use.

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