AirBoxLab device monitors air pollution

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AirBoxLab, the Paris based company, has unveiled a new sensor device that comes with the ability to track and provide detailed information about the air quality in the home via the smartphone or tablet. It is the first smart device in the market to monitor indoor air for better environment.

AirBoxLab device monitors air pollution
~ AirBoxLab device monitors air pollution ~

The device has built-in six sensors that track the presence of carbon dioxide, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds such as formaldehydes, ethylene glycol, benzene and acetone. It is the ideal device to make it possible for the user to take steps to improve their air quality and improve long-term health benefits.

AirBoxLab features a unique sensor array in an airflow designed cylinder. It is meant to be used inside living spaces forwarding data to the cloud and pushing back results and advice directly to the connected devices. It is helping the users to maintain best possible air quality through personalized and predictive advice.

It is important for us to know the quality of air in the house because most of us spend up to 80% of our lifetime indoor, so it is good to have a device that advice and help us breathe safer air as well as live better. The AirBoxLab is scheduled to ship to buyers in this coming September 2013 for $220.

Information via airboxlab.


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