XP Mod Launcher App for Android

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XP Mod Launcher is an application that was recently released and it is specially designed for Android phones. It imitates the similar look and feel of Microsoft Windows XP runs on the Android devices.

XP Mod Launcher App for Android
~ XP Mod Launcher App for Android ~

This app comes with major impressive features such as Graphics user interface, Windows Explorer that nearly the same as Microsoft Windows XP on Android platform. XP Mod Launcher is now in beta version and missing few key features that close to standard Windows XP and hopefully there could be enhanced in future updates.

XP Mod Launcher has a familiar login screen, the classic Windows XP themes, and desktop with wallpaper. In the beta version, there are only four icons available on the desktop, which are My Computer, My Document, Recycle Bin and Internet Explorer. Each of icons is functional and all the installed applications are listed within the All Programs tab.

Users can also explore their file system and open different file formats using default program as assigned in their device. It provides some common operations like copy, cut, paste and delete functions. To exit the application, users can simply go to Start Menu and click on the Shutdown button.

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