World’s first working Quantum Network by German scientists

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German scientists have succeeded in creating and developing the first working prototype for a quantum network. The Quantum networks are the distributed quantum many-body systems with tailored topology and controlled information exchange.

World's first working Quantum Network by German scientists
~ World’s first working Quantum Network by German scientists ~

In these networks, all the data are communicated as quantum states through the technique of entanglement via an optical fiber link. The networks allow users to send, receive and store quantum data between two different locations using the fiber optics.

The German scientists have also achieved the stage where allows the transmitting qubits (quantum bits) to be stored in the quantum state on single rubidium atoms. The rubidium atoms contain the information are trapped in a reflective optical cavity, which it is able to transmit the stored information through an optical fiber by emitting a single photon.

The photon able to carry the polarization state of its parent rubidium atom and the process is also reversible. Quantum Network is potential to outperform traditional binary computers exponentially since the traditional computers only send data in 1s and 0s bit but Quantum Network allows for values, referred to as a superposition

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