Top 10 careers in Malaysia

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The impact of globalization and social media has no doubt seen to changes in every field and most careers will evolve accordingly to go with business and market needs. But what business and market needs in Malaysia.

Top 10 careers in Malaysia
~ Top 10 careers in Malaysia ~

Network Engineer,
Few jobs in the IT sector can match the attractiveness of a career in network engineering. Apart from being highly paid, good network engineers are constantly sought after by the leading IT companies in Malaysia because of their specializations. Network engineers who strive to be at the top of their game must undertake a certified course in networking from a recognized institution or organization such as the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) or CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate).

Sales and Marketing Executive,
A career in sales and marketing has proven to be a lucrative one for many employees, both fresh and experiences, for a very long time. There is no denying the competitiveness of this area of work, but a sales and marketing executive who is prepared for the challenges that lie ahead will gain invaluable work experiences and attractive remuneration on top of the commissions which are based on sales. The art of communicating is at the crux of the profession, therefore it is imperative for one to have commendable people skills and convincing power.

Accountants have been in demand for years, and will continue to be in the time to come. The reason behind this fact is simple. Accountants are useful to business and organization of all sizes. They are the interpreters of financial information, which is crucial to almost every industry in existence in the world today. In Malaysia, accountants can strive to attain a professional qualification from an accredited professional accounting association such the ACA, ACCA or CIMA for an added advantage over others.

Electrical Engineer/ Electronics Engineer,
Electrical and electronics engineers form the core of various technology-led companies in Malaysia. It comes as no surprise that the profession is still largely in demand now and the trend will continue to increase in the next several years due to the higher enrolment of students into chemical and geological disciplines, which in turn is caused by the upsurge in the Malaysia oil and gas sectors. Electrical and electronics engineers who possess solid analytical and communication skills will have a clear advantage over the others.

HR Executive,
Human resource is a highly desired job profile and is a lucrative career path to those who possess the right skills set, every organization hires on a regular basis and the HR department ensures that the company continues to attract quality human capital to gain an advantage over the competition. The HR executive professional is still very popular amongst graduates and is seen as the best starting point to being a HR manager in the future.

Software Engineer,
Software engineers are constantly designing, implementing and modifying software to suit the needs of a variety of applications. They are at the forefront of technology and play an indispensable part in the creation of quality software that is reliable yet affordable. The computer software engineer profession is one of the fastest growing in the region and is expected to pave the way for new jobs in the 2009-2018 decade.

IT Consultant,
IT consultants provide clients with solutions and advice on how to use IT to meet business objectives; IT consultants can streamline the structure and efficiency of an organization, which in turn enables the organization to function in a smoother and more effective manner. IT consultants are in demand in a various range of industries, including but not limited to MSC-status companies, IT firms as well as companies that have their own internal IT departments.

Telecommunication Engineer,
Telecommunication is the means of communicating through the transmission of signals. In today’s world, it is all around us from 3G connectivity to streaming videos to mobile downloaded and so on. Telecommunications engineers work behind the scenes to keep people connected, wherever they are and are seen as in-demand professionals. In Malaysia, new job openings are available for fresh graduates within the many telecommunications providers operating within the country.

Corporate Banker,
Corporate bankers provides financial services to the clients of the bank they work for and conduct such activities as lending, clearing, investing deposits or organizing specialist products. Upon joining, fresh graduates will be given on-the-job training to better themselves, especially when it comes to perfecting the skills required for relationship building with existing clients and marketing to bring new clients to the bank.

Petroleum Engineer,
The world continues to depend on petroleum as a major source of energy, and as such petroleum engineers are seen as an important asset in the exploration and production of oil and gas. Involved in almost every stage of the process, petroleum engineers apply different principles (engineering, geology, physics and chemistry) to efficiently extract this valuable resource from the earth.

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