The spiders are coming

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The spiders are coming
~ The spiders are coming ~

It’s OK these are the search engine spiders and they aren’t creepy and you will love to have them crawl all over your website. You need to know what they look at so you can be sure you have the right information there for them to find.

First of all you MUST do keyword research before you even begin to build a web page. This guide is not about keyword research that is a complete book itself and we do not have the time to get into that. But your entire strategy starts with Keyword Research.

Now that your keyword research is done you can utilize the phrases and words that are related to your specific topic or content that your web page/website is about.

The search engine comes and indexes elements of your web page. Not all of the information is indexed just the pertinent data it needs to index you amongst the millions of other pages out there with similar content and keywords.

The Search Engines index;
1. Textual Content – Specific words that appeared on the page and where they appeared.
2. Content of the META tags – descriptions, keywords etc.
3. Hyperlinks on the page and the specific text of the hyperlink.
4. Pages that are linked via the hyperlinks like link popularity.
5. Sometimes ALT images and URL’s are indexed as well.

They may take a look at additional attributes depending on which search engine it is but for the most part those are the main attributes they will rank you with.

A parting shot on spiders indexing your site – don’t try to get tricky and fool them. They will find you out. They pay lots and lots of people good money to find the cheaters and they will find you eventually and it won’t be worth it when they do.

I have heard of people having their sites de-indexed and they could have done it right and been further along rather than working on a site for 6 months and losing all of the work they did by taking a paid link-building shortcut or having 300 blogs that point back to their site built automatically within 24 hours. Cheating won’t pay in this case.

Third Level Linking Strategy
If you have a second level that is a category unto itself and the third level beneath it is common to the second level category only you can link the third level together in a ring.


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