Sonnet introduces Echo Express SE Thunderbolt expansion

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Sonnet Technologies Inc., the world-leading company with a comprehensive product line of storage system and media readers, has recently introduced its new Echo Express SE expansion case with Aluminum housing.

Sonnet new Echo Express SE Thunderbolt expansion
~ Sonnet new Echo Express SE Thunderbolt expansion ~

This new budget Echo Express SE allows users plug PCI express cards into computers without any expansion ports and the Thunderbolt interface has significantly improved the performance as well as the data transfer speeds. It can perform 10GB per second of throughput on each of the two channels in both directions.

The expansion case comes with two Thunderbolt ports and it capable to chain up to six devices together into a single port on the host computer. The fan automatically operates in quiet manner with cooler cards in order to provide better cooling for the hot temperature.

Besides these, the Echo Express SE supports daisy chaining of additional Thunderbolt technology-enabled peripherals such as an additional Echo Express SE. The connected devices are requiring bus power of 10 watts. The Echo Express SE expansion is now available for about $400.

Information via sonnettech.


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