Samsung reveals cloud-based gaming service

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Samsung Electronics, the global leader in digital media technologies, has revealed its new cloud-based gaming service called as Samsung Cloud Gaming.

Samsung cloud-based gaming service
~ Samsung cloud-based gaming service ~

Samsung has developed the Cloud Gaming and partnership with Gaikai, the cloud-based video game platform provider, to stream a mix of family-friendly video games directly to owners of 2012 Samsung LED 7000 series and Smart TVs in the US.

The new Samsung Cloud Gaming allows Smart TV users instant access to some of the famous video games without the need to download, install, patch or update games. Just within a minute, users can find and start playing some of the games on the market.

Users can also access to high-performance games on Samsung Smart TVs without any additional devices. Users who own a 2012 Samsung LED 7000 series and access to Samsung Cloud Gaming directly through Samsung’s Smart Hub. Users able to try the games for free and only pay for games they are interested, making it the most gamer-friendly service possible.

Besides these, Gaikai will ship a Logitech 710 controller to the early bird users who sign up for the service.

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