Route1 new MobiKEY Classic 2 with strong security

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Route1 Inc., the digital security and identity management company that develops remote access systems for employees on the go, has recently introduced its new MobiKEY Classic 2 (MC2), which is a revolutionary tool for users who need security when accessing data remotely.

Route1 new MobiKEY Classic 2 with strong security
~ Route1 new MobiKEY Classic 2 with strong security ~

This is the World’s first SMART device for mobile device management and enterprise security and it is compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows operating system. It is completely clientless, driverless, slim, sleek and compact size of device with budget-conscious solution.

MC2 is easy to use by simply plug it into the machine then it is ready to go and it is a smartcard embedded device that allows users to remotely access to their office computer, network and any digital resources from anywhere and at any time. MC2 does not require any pre-installed software on clients’ computers or other remote devices in order to work properly, so it saves plenty of time for the users.

MC2 protects the users, who work remotely from viruses, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks, data breaches and it employs an identity-based access system to let employees work from anywhere and at any time without compromising the network security. The MC2 utilizes a patented communications and service delivery platform based on FIPS 140-2 Level 3 cryptographic modules to ensure regulatory requirements for privacy and security.

If the MC2 is stolen or lost, enterprise networks will not be compromised as no data is stored, downloaded or saved on the device. The MobiKEY Classic 2 device is now available with $95 and users can subscribe to the TruOffice Subscription for $300 per annual.

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