Nest introduces new generation of Learning Thermostat

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Nest, the company that focuses on addressing home-agency consumption with an elegantly designed solution, has recently announced its new and second-generation of the award-winning Nest Learning thermostat.

Nest new generation of Learning Thermostat
~ Nest new generation of Learning Thermostat ~

This new thermostat is about 20 percent slimmer/ thinner than previous model, it is compatible with 95 percent of low-voltage residential heating and cooling systems. Nest also releasing the version 3.0 of its software for the device.

Second-generation Nest Learning Thermostat comes with refined design and increased compatibility for users to save energy with higher-efficiency systems perform the way they were. It has a new stainless steel ring and extends support to two-stage cooling, three-stage heating and emergency heat for heat pumps, as well as for whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

There are more features included in the Nest Learning Thermostat,
1. Heat Pump Balance – It will automatically adjust when auxiliary (AUX) heat comes on.
2. True Radiant – It delivers predictable comfort with all the energy savings that users expect from a radiant system.
3. Enhanced Auto-Away and Auto-Schedule – This Nest-exclusive feature is active in more than 90 percent of Nest homes.
4. System Match – Nest activates custom features depending on what system users have to keep them comfortable and help them save energy.
5. Broader mobile support – It allows users to remote control the device through the apps from iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones.
6. Early-On – Nest calculates the health of the system’s air filter, based on system runtime and reminds the users to change it when needed to maintain efficiency.

The second-generation Nest Learning Thermostat is now available for pre-order for suggested retail price of $249.

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