More benefits from cruciferous vegetables

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More benefits from cruciferous vegetables
~ More benefits from cruciferous vegetables ~

Chinese women who ate cabbage, broccoli and leafy greens saw improved survival rate after breast cancer than women, who did not eat these cruciferous vegetables, said a recent US study. The findings came from data on 4,886 Chinese breast cancer survivors aged 20 to 75 who were diagnosed with stage one to stage four breast cancer from 2002 to 2006.

Women who ate more cruciferous vegetables over the 36 months following their diagnosis saw their risk of dying from any cause decrease by 27% to 62% compared to women who reported eating little or none of these veggies.

The risks of dying of breast cancer have decreased by 22% to 62% for the cruciferous veggie eaters, and their chance of experiencing a recurrence of breast cancer dropped by 21% to 35%. The findings suggest breast cancer survivors to consider increasing intake of cruciferous vegetables, such as greens, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli.

Commonly-consumed cruciferous vegetables in China include turnips, Chinese cabbage/ bok choy and greens, while broccoli and brussels sprouts are commonly-consumed cruciferous vegetables in the United States.

The amount of intake among Chinese women is higher than that of US women. Future research could focus on the role of the bioactive compounds in cruciferous vegetables – namely isothiocyanates and in doles – and how varying doses may have an effect on cancer.

Information via AFP.


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