Lumigon announces new T2 smartphone

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Lumigon, the company that design and produce high-end consumer electronics that based in Denmark, has recently introduced its new T2 smartphone. It is built of stainless steel with the nature’s best materials and designed to stand out from the crowd.

Lumigon new T2 smartphone
~ Lumigon new T2 smartphone ~

T2 smartphone comes with ICEpower, which is a Bang & Olufsen ICEpower technology that capable to deliver a superior sound quality. It audio experience is improved even further with its specially designed in-ear headset.

It is compact is size and conveniently fits into the pocket or easy to handle with the palm. The minimalistic composition of the device allows plenty of information to be displayed in a small package. The top of the front of T2 smartphone is softly curved for a more pleasant experience when hold the device talking for hours.

It has built-in universal remote control that allows user to operate their electronic equipment at home. T2 smartphone can save unlimited number of commands from any of the infrared remote controls even the one for the air conditioner.

Besides these, T2 smartphone is shaped so that it can be placed on a desk or a nightstand in a horizontal position. It has built-in alarm clock, a radio and a mini TV within the device. All the T2’s connectors and buttons along the sides of the phone are integrated and enclosed by a black line. T2 smartphone will be launched in selected countries after the summer of this year.

Information via lumigon.


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