No caffeine blues for babies

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No caffeine blues for babies
~ No caffeine blues for babies ~

Mum’s coffee drinking habit during pregnancy is not linked to infant sleep problems.

A baby’s sleep may not suffer just because its mother likes a daily cup or two of coffee, according to a Brazilian study based on nearly 900 new mothers. Studies over the years have come to mixed conclusions on whether caffeine during pregnancy was linked to increased risk of miscarriage or premature birth, but more recent studies have failed to show any heightened risk.

Not much was known, however, about whether caffeine during pregnancy or breast feeding might disturb new babies’ sleep – until the current study, published in Pediatircs. The expert, do not endorse heavy caffeine intake during pregnancy or breast feeding, but modest amounts may not pose a danger.

Caffeine consumption during pregnancy and by nursing mothers seems not to have consequences on the sleep of infants at the age of three months. The research team interviewed 885 new mothers about caffeine intake and their three-month-old infants’ sleep habits.

Overall, the researchers found no clear link between caffeine intake and the likelihood of reporting infant sleep problems. Almost 15% of mothers said their three-month-old infants woke up more than three times each night, which was considered “frequent”. “This report adds to the growing body of literature suggesting that moderate caffeine consumption during pregnancy is generally safe”, said William Barth, chief of maternal-foetal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Barth, who was not involved in the study, chaired the committee at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists that in 2010 wrote a report saying that 200mg of caffeine a day probably did not carry pregnancy risks.

He said the bottom line for women is that moderate caffeine intake, up to a cup or two of coffee per day, seems safe during pregnancy. As for breast feeding, it is generally thought that 300mg of caffeine or les each day is okay. That is the case for healthy, full-term babies, at least.

But preterm infants and new-borns metabolise caffeine more slowly and may be more sensitive to the small amount of caffeine that passes into breast milk. But studies suggest that high amounts of caffeine during breast feeding – much higher than 300mg a day – are related to fussiness and poor sleep in babies.

Information via Reuters.


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