Leap announces new 3D motion control system

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Leap, represents an entirely new way to interact with the computers. A new start-up company Leap Motion located at San Francisco has just announced its new 3D motion control system, which utilizes the leap technology that has 200 times more sensitive than existing touch-free products and technologies on the market.

Leap announces new 3D motion control system
~ Leap announces new 3D motion control system ~

It is just about the size of a flash drive that capable to creates a 3D interaction space of eight cubic feet to precisely interact with and control software on the laptop or desktop computer. Leap can distinguish individual fingers and track the movement down to a 1/ 100th of a milimeter.

Its gesture control system can interact with Windows 7/ 8 or Mac OS x by clicking, grabbing, scrolling and handle touch-style gestures such as pinch to zoom in 3D space; pointing a pen at the signature line of a document to sign it in space.

Leap Motion technology using a patented mathematical approach to 3D, touch-free motion sensing and motion control software that is more advanced that existing on the market. This technology has been developed over the past four years and Leap Motion move far beyond today touch-free technologies.

The Leap is currently available for pre-order with retail price of $69.99.

Information via leapmotion.


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