Know your whisky

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Know your whisky
~ Know your whisky ~

There are no big secrets when it comes to the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages. It boils down to a person’s taste. Arguably though those with a sophisticated palate can look forward to more meaningful drinking sessions simply because their worldly knowledge, refinement and savoir-faire means they know what to look for in that glass of beverage.

Doing their part to educate the drinking masses specifically those who are into whisky are the good people of Pernod Ricard. The world’s leading producer of luxury Scotch whisky Chivas Refal has embarked on a campaign called The Age Matters, with the aim of enabling drinkers to understand better the age statement in order to appreciate the value of the premium product.

The age statement refers to the number on each whisky bottle, representing the youngest whisky in the blend. AS it is a research commissioned by Chivas Brothers (covering 2,000 respondents in nine countries) has revealed that only 10% of drinkers understand what the number on the bottle represents with 48% believing that an age statement refers to the average age and 35% thinking it means the oldest whisky present in the bottle.

The campaign consists of a logo, Guaranteed Age Whisky, and visuals which invite consumers to “look for the number”. Campaign materials and messaging are prominently displayed through a wide range of mediums including global travel retail and online sites to educate consumers.

The revelation that so many existing whisky drinkers do not understand that the age statement refers to the youngest blend in the bottle shows there. A clear and prominent age statement is the only way that people can be sure of the age of a whisky.

In an age when consumers of luxury goods increasingly demand transparency and authenticity from brands, it is vital that we empower consumers with knowledge, so that they full understand the value of what they are buying. As the world’s leading luxury whisky producer we believe that the responsibility is ours to spearhead this campaign.

What happens in the cask over many years significantly contribute to the overall quality of the whisky. As whisky matures and ages in the cask, it undergoes, a transformation, interacting with wood from the cask and the atmosphere from the local environment. As it ages, whisky develops multi-layered flavors, a rounded aroma and a creamier texture. Between 60% and 80% of the flavor of the whisky comes from the oak in which it is matured. Not all whiskies improve with age; however, it takes expertise and meticulous attention to nurture the precious whiskies to great age.

Source Credit: theSun newspaper.


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