Insync provides front-end service to Google Docs storage

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Insync, a start-up software company is offering a free service that allows users to synchronize their documents, files, media content on their PC to Google’s cloud-based storage.

Insync front-end service to Google Docs storage
~ Insync front-end service to Google Docs storage ~

It works conjunction with Google storage to provide enhanced sharing capabilities and lower cost compare to other web-sharing portals. It is extended the sharing capabilities including the nested sharing, read/ write/ read-only sharing permissions, re-sharing permissions for the document files.

It is easy to use and users just need to download the Insync’s installation software and link it to their Google account, then they are able to synchronize the files on Google’s Storage to their local computer. Every time copy or delete the files on the local computer, Insync will auto synchronize the files to the Google’s storage too.

Initially, Google offers 1GB free storage and $5 annually for 20GB, $20 for 80GB and $50 for 200GB up to 16TB web storage.

Information via insynchq.


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