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The Infinitec Pocket TV is a small and pocket-sized dongle that can be connected to the HDMI port of any regular Television and converts it into a smart Television. It is a fully functioning micro-computer that running on Google Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) platform.

Infinitec Pocket TV
~ Infinitec Pocket TV ~

The processing power in the Pocket TV allows users to display Android on their TV turning it into a mega-sized tablet. Users can download apps from Google Play Store to stream videos, play games, connect with their friends on social networking sites, read the latest news and even do some works or surf the Internet.

Users can also attach a video camera to do Skype video calls on their TV. The Pocket TV allows users to be able to watch YouTube video on their TV rather than on a small phone screen and it can be acted as streaming device for music, so users can play the music on their computer or from home network drive (NAS).

Besides these, the Pocket TV allows users to edit documents, read PDFs, power-point presentation, send/ receive emails and video conference on the TV. By using Dolphin, Opera or Google Chrome browser, users can browse and synchronize with their laptop’s browser. A standard infrared remote is included for users to control the channels, volume, playback the media remotely.

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