IEEE will introduce new Ethernet with 1TB per second

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IEEE, the World’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation on Internet, has announcing a new standard for the Ethernet networking protocol that capable to transfer data with speed between 400 gigabit and one terabit per second.

IEEE will introduce new Ethernet with 1TB per second
~ IEEE will introduce new Ethernet with 1TB per second ~

According to the IEEE Ethernet bandwidth assessment, the bandwidth associated with core networking was observed and they are doubling every eighteen months on average. Thus the engineers have decided to convene a new group to find out the necessary approach for the demands.

The standards body may take the same route that competing technology Thunderbolt has taken and embrace the lower speed by using copper-wire technology to maintain the cost reasonable until fiber-optic wire mature to the point that the full potential of Terabit Ethernet can be applied. But currently there are cost limits to bundling multiple connections together since each of the links needs its own components, so the cost can get more expensive.

The ultimate objective of the new group will be to build a solution on how fast the next generation Ethernet should be to cater the nowadays bandwidth demands. With the bandwidth assessment, the estimated bandwidth will be 100 times as fast as today’s by year 2020.

Information via ieee.


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