Honda introduces Miimo Robotic for Lawn Mower

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Honda is now enter to European robotic lawn mower market by introduced its new Honda Miimo, which is the first commercial robotic product to beautiful lawn. This is the good solution for those users who have a big lawn or garden and wish to save time and labor cost to cut the grass frequently.

Honda Miimo Robotic for Lawn Mower
~ Honda Miimo Robotic for Lawn Mower ~

The Miimo is smart enough to ensure a beautiful cut of the lawn everyday with minimal human interaction when working. It has “continuous cutting” system to cut about three millimeters of grass at a time and all the cutting are in varied patterns, which is designed to keep the lawn healthier.

There are three cutting modes available, which are Random mode for the mower navigates the lawn with no particular pattern; Directional mode for mower to move back and forth in a more logical pattern; Mixed mode allows the mower to switch between random and directional modes.

Since the Miimo can navigate the garden through its intelligent combination of controls, timers and real-time sensory feedback. It works within a boundary wire, installed under the ground or in the grass around the perimeter of the garden. In term of safeness, it detects the electronic signal in the wire and stay within it to ensure safety and accuracy.

Besides these, it is powered by Lithium-ion battery and it can be self-charging. It is constantly monitoring its battery level and once the battery is running low, it will return to the docking station for recharge. It features a fan, which creates airflow to effectively cut the grass and the cutting height can be adjusted between 20mm and 60mm to suit the needs. Honda Miimo will be available in Europe in the early next year.

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