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Health Related Information
~ Health Related Information ~

High-Fibre diet may prevent a range of illnesses
People who eat a lot of fibre every day might be less likely to die prematurely from a range of illnesses including heart disease, cancer and infection. The benefits of fibre in promoting weight loss, lowering cholesterol and protecting against heart disease have been well established by previous studies.

Early balding linked to risk of prostate cancer
A study showing that men who start to go bald at 20 may be more likely to develop prostate cancer in later life suggests they might benefit from early screening or preventative therapy, scientists said. French researchers compared 388 men being treated for prostate cancer with 281 healthy men and found that those with the disease were twice as likely as the healthy men to have started losing their hair when they were 20.

Poorer vision may persists after lazy eye therapy
Even after successful treatment for lazy eye, people may still have certain vision problems in day-to-day life, a small study suggests. The study of 26 people with a history of lazy eye found that even if their vision had returned to normal or near-normal after treatment; they still had more difficulty perceiving real-world images than people with healthy eyes.


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